Join us for a complimentary group meditation session with Gary Gorrow at Soma. (Open to everyone)


Thursday 5.00pm - 7.30pm


September 15, 2022



Time Date Price
Sunday 4pm - 8pm $89

of all the things that make liferich, none are as important as community.

A fundamental need we all share is to connect with others. We are social creatures, people need people, we need meaningful exchanges, places where we belong, are seen, heard, supported and inspired.


At Soma we are working to foster conscious community and play a small role in the evolution of things. With so much noise in the world, it’s beautiful to meditate and dive beneath it all. Meditation is the art of experiencing that which is beyond the body and mind, beyond name and form, beyond all that separates – to that which unites.


When meditation with a lot of people everyone notices they access a far deeper state than they usually do. This is due to what physics call “the field effect”.  There is power in community when community connects with its power.


Very limited capacity. Don’t miss out!