SOMA is the coming together of Gary Gorrow & Peter Ostick

Gary Gorrow

Gary has over 15 years of experience, he has earned a reputation as one of the best in the business and is respected among his peers as a ‘teacher of teachers’.

Gary has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life and his services are sought after by some of the world’s leading companies for his innovative meditation and mindfulness programs. Gary is passionate about empowering people with techniques that enable them to reengineer their lives inside and out.

His approach synthesises the best
of modern science and ancient
consciousness based practices.

He is a practical and down to earth character who dedicates himself solely to working with people to maximise performance and success in their personal and professional lives. Gary’s students come from a range of backgrounds and include celebrities, CEO’s health practitioners, lawyers, creatives, grandparents and children. He runs retreats, workshops and training courses around the world.

Gary Gorrow

Vedic Meditation practitioner (master teacher), qualified Ayurvedic health coach, mindfulness expert, founder and director of the Conscious Club and co-creator of Conscious Currency. He is also a highly sought after consultant and high performance coach, motivational speaker and social entrepreneur.

Gary Gorrow is an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation. He is not affiliated with the Maharishi Foundation,
any registered owner of a trademark to the terms ‘Transcendental Meditation’, or their affiliates.

Peter Ostick

Peter has 20 years of ex-
perience building companies
in the media and technology
sector. He now invests and
advises CEO’s in growing
early-stage businesses.

10 years ago Peter’s life on the outside was incredibly successful. He was the founder of a fast-growing media and technology company operating in nine countries when he was under the age of thirty. He had all the trappings of wealth and success from the outside whilst the reality was, Peter was physically and mentally burnt out and found himself in hospital for the third time in one year due to stress and exhaustion. It was at this tipping point where Peter was advised by his doctors that he needed to make a lifestyle change or else he would not make it to see forty.

Peter went through a journey
to learn to reconnect to his
consciousness and health.

During his time of researching how he
could better manage his health, Peter was
introduced to meditation through Gary
and his teachings. Finally, Peter found
someone who could teach him meditation
and mindfulness tools while being
scientific, contemporary and relatable
in his teaching approach.

The teacher-student relationship evolved into
a friendship which led
to what Soma is today.

Peter and his wife Ida are working
with Gary to bring his vision of Soma to
life and make meditation and mindfulness accessible to all, as Gary did for Peter.

After working in retreats for 15 years, Gary had a vision of what the ideal retreat space to hold his immersive retreats was, this is what Soma is today.