Soma Retreats

Our curated selection of luxury retreats unites ancient wisdom with contemporary space, perfect for individuals at all levels of their journey and needs.

Experience luxury retreats like no other in Australia. At Soma, our retreat offerings are rooted in Vedic philosophy and combine our co-founder Gary Gorrow’s decades of experience as a Vedic Meditation practitioner (Master Teacher), qualified Ayurvedic health coach, and mindfulness expert to take guests on an unforgettable wellness journey.


In conjunction with Gary’s expertise, Soma co-founder Peter Ostick injects his innovative and visionary wisdom, running sessions to nurture guests as they access their innate personal vision and break through the ceiling of limitations.


The powerful blend of Gary and Peter’s widespread knowledge and teachings is what makes Soma retreat truly unique. Explore our offerings, and together, let’s embark on your journey to higher consciousness and well-being.

Step into the heart of Soma with our 3D virtual tour here.

Our Luxury Health & Wellness Retreats in Byron Bay

Soma I Meditate

For those solely seeking to learn meditation, we welcome you to our Soma | Meditate Retreat. Taught by Master Teacher Gary Gorrow, you’ll learn to become self-sufficient in the ancient practice of Vedic Meditation (VM).


Duration: 2 nights/3 days.


Skill Level: All-inclusive. This healing retreat benefits everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners.


Schedule: April, May, July, September, and November 2024.

Soma II Rounding

Join us as we immerse ourselves in the ancient practice of Rounding, a technique that adopts a unique sequence of very simple asanas, breathwork, and meditation. Designed to release significant amounts of stress in a short period of time, Rounding provides access to the depths of your awareness, relieving layers of fatigue and tension from your nervous system to promote total equilibrium. Through this exclusive Byron Bay wellness retreat, you’ll uncover a palpable sense of peace and stillness that allows you to more easily adapt to life’s challenges.


Led by Master Teacher Gary Gorrow, this unique well-being and mental health retreat runs only once a year.


Duration: 3 nights/4 days.


Skill Level: Seasoned Vedic practitioners.


Schedule: Once annually.

Soma III Yoga

Suitable for yoga enthusiasts of all skill levels, the Soma yoga retreat guarantees a comprehensive and transformative experience like no other. Meticulously crafted by leading mindfulness experts, this Byron wellness retreat harmoniously combines ancient teachings with modern practices to help you reach a higher consciousness. Enveloped in an aura of nature, you’ll dive deep into Vedic philosophy at our Soma sanctuary, learning to foster self-discovery and unlock the secrets of true inner peace.


Duration: 3 days/4 nights.


Skill Level: All-inclusive. This Byron Bay health retreat caters to yogi-enthusiasts from all backgrounds and skill levels.


Schedule: April and September 2024.

Soma IV Visionary Masterclass

Visionary leaders can see how to get from where they are now to where they want to be in the future. The real magic, though, lies in their ability to make everyone around them see it, too. Unlike other luxury health retreats in Australia, this Masterclass is a deep dive into the nature of our time and how we, through deep introspection and exploration, can re-engineer ourselves inside and out.

Join Master Teacher Gary Gorrow and dynamic entrepreneur Peter Ostick for a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in ancient wisdom and modern thought, where you’ll discover a newfound perspective on the path forward. The dismantling of life as we once knew it is the birth of a new era charged with possibility. Meet with us, and let’s begin your journey to true enlightenment.

Duration: 3 nights/4 days.

Skill Level: All-inclusive. This Byron Bay retreat is ideal for individuals feeling disconnected from their purpose and those eager to overcome limitations to help expand their mindset.

Schedule: May and November 2024.

Soma Immersion

One of our most sought-after Byron retreats, Soma V Immersion, is a rejuvenating getaway designed to restore balance, energy, and vitality to those who need it most. Ideal for individuals looking for Byron Bay detox retreats, this transformative retreat offers a profound and challenging reset for your body and mind. Through a deep cognitive and physical readjustment, you’ll work with our mindfulness experts to facilitate personal growth, unlock creativity, and overcome burnout and exhaustive false beliefs bred from modern stressors.

Duration: 3 nights/2 days.

Skill Level: This Byron health retreat is all-inclusive and ideal for individuals from all walks of life who are experiencing burnout.


July 5-7, 2024
Oct 4-7, 2024

Soma Sunday

Our community events to share, grow, inspire, and have fun. Here you’ll get a taste of our wellness retreats, learning mindfulness insights from a very special guest.

Meet in the Soma dome, where you’ll engage in a 60-minute group meditation and breathwork session. From there, you’ll take part in an inspiring conversation led by our special guest, who will offer insights into mindfulness, healing, connection, and spiritual awakening. After the chat, you will enjoy the sunset from the main house, overlooking the breathtaking Soma sanctuary, while participating in a nourishing communal feast and live music.

We announce special guests closer to the date, so be sure to check back to find out who will be in attendance.

Duration: 5.5 hours.

Skill Level: All-inclusive. Open to the Byron Bay community and its visitors.

Schedule: Various dates throughout 2024.

Expect More Than a Simple Escape

Guests who attend a luxury retreat at our Byron Bay wellness centre can expect more than a relaxing escape. Our retreats offer complete immersion into mindfulness practices, delving into ancient and modern teachings to reach deep enlightenment, balance, and vitality.
Each of our Byron Bay retreats gives you access to:


    • Soma’s 22 acres of land
    • Yoga dome
    • Freshwater infinity pool
    • Private room with ensuite
    • Infrared sauna
    • Ice bath
    • Organic meals
    • A tailored retreat experience that ignites deep transformation
Rosy Dean
Rosy Dean
My husband and I attended Soma for the learn to meditate retreat with Gary. Could not recommend Soma more! The accomodation and whole property are amazing. Samantha is such a lovely host and Alex’s food is out of this world. Such an incredible experience with Gary and can’t wait to go back!
Sam Armstrong
Sam Armstrong
The perfect destination to unwind and relax. Highly recommend and Samantha was a great host.
Lauren Grimes
Lauren Grimes
What an amazing location and place. Incredibly serene and rejuvenating experience.
Richard Francis
Richard Francis
Absolute tranquil, stunning views all around, and amazing staff. Gary holds fantastic sessions. Samantha is amazing inside and out!
Kyah Bell
Kyah Bell
Soma Byron is one of the most magical and special places I have encountered. From the beautiful grounds, to the exceptional staff (especially Samantha), my retreat left me nourished with incredible food and connection to self. Everyone to go to Soma once a year at least, I could not recommend it enough.
Simone Doulaveras
Simone Doulaveras
Incredible! Soma is spectacular, I absolutely loved my experience, from the incredible (and satisfying) food to Garry's amazing meditation course. I am not a natural meditator and he was such a great teacher. I am now so inspired and motivated to make meditation a part of my life, thanks to this retreat. I can't wait to book my next stay, just wish there were more stars to rate with!!
m healey
m healey
If you have the opportunity to go to beautiful Soma it is a wonderful retreat from day to day life but do make it more blissful with yoga with the gifted Kate Henry and a glorious pottery session with Blanche Alexander by the pool and fire pit.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor
Beautiful building and surrounds. Epic sunset views. Lovely place to relax and unwind. I only wish they'd seen fit to equip the bathrooms with doors.
Ganesa Stapleton
Ganesa Stapleton
Very disappointing the retreat facilities were not working