Soma Retreats

Our selection of curated retreats unite ancient wisdom in a contemporary setting for individuals at all levels of their journeys and needs.

Soma’s retreat offerings stem from Vedic philosophy and  our co-founder, Gary Gorrow’s 20+ years of experience as a Vedic Meditation practitioner (master teacher), qualified Ayurvedic health coach and mindfulness expert. In conjunction with Gary’s expertise, Soma co-founder Peter Ostick, injects his innovative and visionary knowledge, running sessions in nurturing guests in accessing their innate personal vision and breaking free from the ceiling of limitations. 

The blend of Gary and Peter’s widespread wisdom is what makes Soma retreat truly unique.

All retreats give you access to the Soma’s 22 acres of land, yoga dome, freshwater infinity pool, private room with ensuite, infrared sauna, ice bath, organic meals and a tailored retreat experience igniting deep transformation. 

Our Retreats

Soma I Meditate

For those looking to solely learn to meditate, we welcome you to our 2 night/ 3 day Soma I Meditate retreat where you will become self-sufficient in Vedic Meditation (VM) taught by Master Teacher, Gary Gorrow.

Soma II Rounding

An advanced program for existing Vedic meditators only. Led by Gary Gorrow, this retreat is a unique offering happening just once a year. 

Rounding is a unique sequence of very simple asanas, breathwork and meditation designed to release significant amounts of stress in a short period of time. This technique has been used for thousands of years allowing us to access the depths of our awareness, release layers of tension and fatigue from the nervous system and provide a palpable sense of peace and stillness that allows us to adapt to life’s challenges more easily.

Soma III Yoga

The Soma yoga retreat is meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive and transformative experience, blending a host of ancient and modern practices guaranteed to create a retreat experience like no other. Enveloped in an aura of nature, the Soma sanctuary is one of the most ideal places to dive deep into Vedic philosophy, self-discovery and unlock the secrets of inner peace.

Soma IV Visionary Masterclass

Visionary leaders are not only able to see how to get from where they are now to where they want to be in the future; they have a way of making everyone around them see it too. This Masterclass is a deep dive into the nature of our time and how we can re-engineer ourselves inside and out. Join Master teacher Gary Gorrow and dynamic entrepreneur Peter Ostick in the rare opportunity to deep dive into ancient wisdom and modern thought to give you a new perspective for the path forward. With the dismantling of life as what we once knew it, is a birth of a new era charged with possibility.

Soma V Immersion

A transformative, 3-day burn-out retreat designed to achieve cognitive and physical equilibrium for increased energy and vitality. Accelerate your personal development with Soma’s signature Immersion retreat, a profound and challenging reset for body and mind.

Soma Sunday

Our community events to share, grow, be inspired and have fun. 

The event will start in the Soma dome with a 60 minute group meditation and breathwork session, followed by an inspiring conversation with our guest.

After the chat you will enjoy sunset at the main house, a communal nourishing dinner and live music.