Soma Retreats

Our selection of curated retreats unite ancient wisdom in a contemporary setting for individuals at all levels of their journeys and needs.

Soma’s retreat offerings stem from Vedic philosophy and our co-founder, Gary Gorrow’s 20+ years of experience as a Vedic Meditation practitioner (master teacher), qualified Ayurvedic health coach and mindfulness expert. 


All retreats give you access to the Soma’s 22 acres of land, yoga dome, freshwater infinity pool, private room with ensuite, infrared sauna, ice bath, organic meals and a tailored retreat experience igniting deep transformation. 

Our Retreats

Soma I Meditate

For those looking to solely learn to meditate, we welcome you to our 2 night/ 3 day Soma I Meditate retreat where you will become self-sufficient in Vedic Meditation (VM) taught by Master Teacher, Gary Gorrow.


Soma II Rounding

Once you have learnt VM you are encouraged to join our 3 night/ 4 day Soma II Rounding retreat which deepens your meditation practice and releases a significant amount of stress in a short period of time through the ancient practice of Rounding.


Soma III Redesign

If you are looking for a deeply transformative reset we welcome you to join our 3 night/ 4 day Soma III Redesign retreat which is a fully tailored experience that includes daily bodywork, yoga and Ayurvedic treatments.