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RISE is a unique series empowering you with the knowledge and practices to gain mastery over your mind, accessible from wherever you are.

Soma Collective + RISE

RISE is led by Master Teacher Gary Gorrow, who has collated over 17 years of experience helping individuals to develop their well-being online for you to access from home.

Using this immersive 7-part online course, you will learn new perspectives, practical knowledge and science-based practices that will serve to create the foundations for a richer life.

By joining RISE, you are automatically subscribed to the Soma Collective premium membership, which gives you access to content that can help take your well-being to the next level.

RISE Can Help You...

  • Gain freedom from stress and mastery over your mind
  • Learn powerful techniques to balance your nervous system
  • With practical tools and resources to accelerate your personal development
  • Enhance mental and physical health
  • Become proficient in meditation and mindfulness
  • Develop greater resilience, psychological flexibility and inner stability


Lifetime access to the RISE online course and Soma collective community.


Annual Fee $300 AUD

What's Inside

  • Session 1: Cause and Effect

    Understand the root causes and systemic effects of anxiety and stress in our modern world.

  • Session 2: Understanding Your Nervous System

    The central operating system of our body, we learn the why behind our nervous system’s design and how we can manage it better.

  • Session 3: Seven Principles

    We look deeply into the fundamental elements that are integral pieces in the puzzle of balanced living.

  • Session 4: Practices

    Access to online practices including guided mediation, breath work and yoga classes.

  • Session 5: Mind Fables

    An animated exploration of several fables that reveal compelling teachings on the nature of the human mind.

  • Session 6: Rise Conversations

    Gary and Peter discuss the real-life experiences of anxiety and how the RISE process was able to change Peter’s life.

  • Session 7: Choose to RISE

    This module explores the workings of our awareness and how each person, either consciously or unconsciously, makes a determination about how they are going to experience the world.


“So much useful and practical information.The Rise course gave me the confidence to know I can actually overcome anxiety. I would recommend it to everyone who has or does experience stress and anxiety as a useful at home tool.”

Steven S

“The program gave me the tools to work on myself in a really deep way. It tackled the difficult topic of anxiety with sensitivity, support and practical tools. Absolutely helpful.”

Whitney M

“The course is excellent and the meditation technique is extraordinary I have to say. My nervous system has remained calm for 2 days (admittedly I haven’t been back to work yet). It is such a great technique and I am very grateful to you Gary for sharing it with us. In a few short days I have experienced so much benefit.”

Jane W

“This course was amazing and so enjoyable to watch. Gary is an incredible teacher. Thank you.”

Sophie D
About the Teacher

Gary Gorrow

With over 17 years of mindfulness experience, Gary works with people from all over the globe and from all walks of life. He has a passion for empowering others, using ancient consciousness-based and guided meditation practices to help his students reach genuine enlightenment. Gary is a Vedic Meditation Practitioner (Master Teacher), qualified Ayurvedic Health Coach, Mindfulness Expert, High-Performance Coach, and a Motivational Speaker, making him one of the industry’s most sought-after transcendental teachers.

About the Teacher