Learn to Meditate

Life expands or contracts in accordance with our state of mind – cultivate wisely.


This three-day meditation retreat will equip you with the lifelong skill of Vedic Meditation.

Vedic Meditation (VM) is a science-based technique that absolutely anyone can learn, and millions have. It has been proven to make you more content, less stressed, more productive and adaptable to the demands of life. You will walk-away with a self-sufficient meditation practice, through correct guidance, group accountability and knowledge sessions while being supported in Soma’s sanctuary to elevate and fall in love with your new life skill. Soma’s Meditate course is designed for individuals of all levels. Every person that has attended our retreats - led by Soma founder and master teacher Gary Gorrow - has left Soma with the skills and knowledge of meditation, finding inner peace wherever they are.

At Soma, we often talk about our “life toolbox”, which we describe as our arsenal to regulate our nervous systems and allow clarity to deal with life’s day-to-day. As well as learning VM and Rounding, Soma co-founder Peter Ostick will lead the team in knowledge sessions guiding the group in “finding comfort in uncomfortable situations” to further your tools to create space within yourself and your thoughts.


Fri 2pm - Sun 10am


July 12-14, 2024

September 20-22, 2024

November 15-17, 2024

January 17-19th, 2025

March 14-16th, 2025


Individual $3200

Couples $5200

Twin Share Main House
$2600 p/person

Forest Abode Triple Share
$2200 p/person

Forest Abode Couple
$4400 total


This option offers the opportunity to join the group only for the four-session course to learn the practice of Vedic Meditation. Accommodation, meals, yoga, sauna and icebath NOT included

Price: $1400


  • A greater sense of well-being and happiness
  • Reduced anxiety and stress levels
  • Calms the psychological responses to stressful triggers
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Improved blood pressure, immune function and ​​enhanced cognitive function
  • Increased self-control and optimised socio-emotional responses
  • Improved creative intelligence and motivation.

What is included

  • 3 days/ 2 nights premium accommodation in 30m2 bedroom with king-sized bed and private en-suite bathroom
  • Gift on arrival
  • 4x 90-minute session training in Vedic Meditation with Master teacher Gary Gorrow
  • 1x 90-minute session with Soma co-founder Peter Ostick on “Finding Comfort in Uncomfortable Situations”
  • Daily Yoga practice 
  • 3-day cleanse-based menu prepared with locally sourced, organic meals prepared by Soma’s Ayurvedic chefs
  • Facilitated icebath session
  • Access to infrared sauna and ice bath
  • Full access to the freshwater infinity pool and 22 acres of Soma grounds

*Massages available upon request. Charges apply.


“Before studying with Gary I could barely slow down and focus enough to write a single sentence. I think you’ll find this quote contains two, which is a testament to his excellent technique.”

Hamish Blake

“Soma was the perfect balance of learning, escaping and relaxing. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful space to learn Vedic Meditation and I consider myself so lucky to have been able to experience it and to learn from Gary, who is amazing at what he does.”

Lucy G.

“This meditation has been the gateway and balance of my soul. Gary is a amazing guide to balance and success.”

Stephen Dupont

I finished a Yoga Teacher training in 2008, but wasn’t able to meditate, because I wasn’t ticking the boxes required for meditation. I’ve tried different techniques for meditation, but it was an on/off love affair with my mind/thoughts. Gary’s talks and explanations about meditation and the human mind were incredible – the rules for VM are simple and approachable. I liked the practicability of the technique.

The retreat was awesome. I’ve felt home, sort of. It was a magical weekend and I would like to continue my journey and implement other courses at SOMA.

From Previous Meditate retreat attendee
About the Teacher

Gary Gorrow

With over 17 years of mindfulness experience, Gary works with people from all over the globe and from all walks of life. He has a passion for empowering others, using ancient consciousness-based and guided meditation practices to help his students reach genuine enlightenment. Gary is a Vedic Meditation Practitioner (Master Teacher), qualified Ayurvedic Health Coach, Mindfulness Expert, High-Performance Coach, and a Motivational Speaker, making him one of the industry’s most sought-after transcendental teachers.

About the Teacher