Intro to Rise

RISE Intro Intro to Rise

Soma’s first-ever online course for mindfulness and meditation, RISE is led by Soma Byron’s Gary Gorrow who has over 17 years of experience as a Vedic meditation practitioner (master teacher), qualified Ayurvedic health coach, mindfulness expert, high-performance coach and motivational speaker.

To maintain our health, happiness and high performance, recalibration is key. We need effective resources. RISE is a course to empower people with a new perspective, practical knowledge and science-based tools that will serve to create the foundations for a richer life.

Rise Can Help You If…

  • You suffer from anxiety or stress
  • You are searching for answers to quiet your busy mind
  • You suffer from negative thinking
  • You are lacking the tools and resources to manage life
  • You’re stuck in a rut and cannot break free
  • You don’t think you can or have time to meditate
  • You are ready for transformation


What’s Inside

RISE is a seven-module series created to give you the tools, resources and practices to nullify stress and anxiety and transform your life.

We recommend watching the theoretical modules 1-3, 5-7 in order. You are welcome to do any of the practices in Module 4 throughout the course as you wish.

Module 1: Cause and Effect

Understand the root causes and systemic effects of anxiety and stress in our modern world.

Module 2: Understanding Your Nervous System

In the central operating system of our body, we learn the why behind our nervous system’s design and how we can manage it better.

Module 3: Seven Principles

We look deeply into the fundamental elements that are integral pieces in the puzzle of balanced living.

Module 4: Practices

Access to online practices including guided mediation, breath work and yoga classes. You are welcome to do any of these practices throughout the course and repeat as you wish.

Module 5: Mind Fables

An animated exploration of several fables that reveal compelling teachings on the nature of the human mind.

Module 7: Rise Conversations

Gary and Peter discuss the real-life experiences of anxiety and how the RISE process was able to change Peter’s life.

Module 8: Choose to RISE

This module explores the workings of our awareness and how each person, either consciously or unconsciously, makes a determination about how they are going to experience the world.


“So much useful and practical information. The Rise course gave me the confidence to know I can actually overcome anxiety. I would recommend it to everyone who has or does experience stress and anxiety as a useful at home tool.” Steven S

“This course was amazing and so enjoyable to watch. Gary is an incredible teacher. Thank you .” – Sophie D

“The program gave me the tools to work on myself in a really deep way. It tackled the difficult topic of anxiety with sensitivity, support and practical tools. Absolutely helpful.” – Whitney M