Mastering the synergy of body,

mind, breath and movement.

At Soma we're creating a host of workshops directed towards enhancing health, happiness and higher consciousness.

We are truly blessed to have Simon Borg-Olivier at Soma- leading a Movement Workshop. Simon is a true master in this field. He's been studying traditional forms of posture, movement, breathing and mental control for more than 50 years. Over this time he has worked as a research-based scientist, exercise-based physiotherapist, a university lecturer and is the co-founder of Yoga Synergy. Simon has an unmatched wealth of knowledge which comes from merging modern medical science with what he learned from great masters in Tibet, India, Japan and China.

The Movement workshop will see him teach safe, accessible and effective ways of developing practices which opens the doors to longevity and wellbeing.


Sunday 1pm - 7pm


November 21, 2021​



Nourishing dinner included.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Those seeking an accessible and profound blueprint which they can apply to their body mind system.
  • People who want to be more physically active.
  • People who have musculoskeletal or physiological challenges.
  • People who experience challenges with stress, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness
  • Practitioners of yoga, dance, gymnastics, or martial arts who would like to learn to do movements that enhance strength and flexibility without putting stress on the joints
  • People who want to feel more energy, freedom and flow in their bodymind.
About the teacher


Simon Borg-Olivier, MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) APAM c-IAYT, has been practicing traditional forms of posture, movement, breathing, and mental control for 50 years.

He has been teaching for 38 years and has been a registered physiotherapist for 23 years. Simon works as a research scientist and a University lecturer. He has been regularly invited to teach about lifestyle, posture, movement, breathing, and meditation at conferences, festivals, and intensive teacher training courses internationally since 1990.

Simon has studied with great traditional masters from Tibet, Japan, India, and China. Along with his business partner and fellow physiotherapist, Bianca Machliss, Simon has co-authored many books and scientific articles including ‘Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga’, which is the textbook for two courses they teach at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

About the teacher